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    Enable Diagnostics for WebLogic Startup


      I am using the Integrated WLS within JDeveloper Studio

      I am trying to diagnose a problem where the WLS is deploying an application at startup that is failing. I would like to get low level diagnostics during startup to enable me to debug the problem. Currently I am only seeing the stack that throws the error which is not sufficient.

      Currently only 'Warning' and 'Notice' level statements are being written to the log files/console.

      I have tried the following none of which have affected the level of messages displayed in the log files/console:

      1) Add additional debugging Java options to the ADF Fusion Applications project I am starting the WLS from under 'Project Properties --> Run/Debug/Profile --> Launch Settings --> Java Options'. I have tried adding various WLS debug switches which have had no effect i.e. '-Dweblogic.debug.DebugDeployment=true -Dweblogic.debug.DebugDeploy=true'

      2) Add debugging Java options above to Integrated WLS Launch Settings under 'Application Server Properties --> Launch Settings --> Java Options'.

      3) Added debugging Java options above directly to startWebLogic.cmd script.

      4) Enable all weblogic debug flags from the WLS console under 'Summary of Servers >DefaultServer >Summary of Servers >DefaultServer>Debug'.

      5) Changed WLS startup scripts to enable environment variable 'debugFlag'. This results in the JAVA_DEBUG variable being set to '-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=%DEBUG_PORT%,server=y,suspend=n -Djava.compiler=NONE'.

      5) Set the log level to FINEST for all 'weblogic*' classes in the Oracle Diagnostic Logging Configuration.

      Surely there's a simple way of getting more diagnostics out of WebLogic during the startup phase?

      Any assistance greatly appreciated.