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    srvctl service perferred instance  failover advise?

      My production 2 node 11gr2 rac services has configured with preferred instance option for load balance on both nodes. Now i have concern whether it will failover to other available node or not ex: if node 1 i.e rprd1 goes down will it move connections to node 2 i.e rprd2 and vice verse? i tried to add the second node in available instance its not accepting andin client tns entry there is no failover or loadbalance option. Kindly advise which option i have to use for achieving loadbalance + failover connections in failure of node for 2 node rac?

      srvctl config service -s orcl_s1 -d rprd
      Service name: orcl_node1
      Service is enabled
      Server pool: rprd_orcl_s1
      Cardinality: 1
      Disconnect: false
      Service role: PRIMARY
      Management policy: AUTOMATIC
      DTP transaction: false
      AQ HA notifications: false
      Failover type: NONE
      Failover method: NONE
      TAF failover retries: 0
      TAF failover delay: 0
      Connection Load Balancing Goal: LONG
      Runtime Load Balancing Goal: NONE
      TAF policy specification: NONE
      Preferred instances: rprd1,rprd2
      Available instances: