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    What trigger is called?

      While navigating through my form I get a message

      "One or more blocks have changed would you like to save your changes?"
      I choose [Yes]

      Then another message pops up
      "FRM-40400: Transaction complete: 1 records applied and saved."
      I choose [Ok]

      Then I loose focus on the form. I want to know what trigger is called after those events so I can set the focus back to where I was so I do not need to use the mouse to regain focus.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          If the last thing to happen is a "Save" then likely Post-Database-Commit occurs either during or after that dialog is presented. Refer to the Builder Online Help for details on how it works, as it may also fire during Posts.

          That said, the real question is your suggestion of a "focus" loss. Because you did not provide any version details it will be hard to offer anything specific. If you are uncontrollably losing focus you may be hitting a bug. I would recommend that you ensure that you are using the latest patched versions of whatever major version you are using. The latest of the supported versions is and
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            When they were running from Oracle Applications - Forms Server, the focus would return to the field that was selected when the messages popped up.

            Now we are on Oracle Applications 12.1.3 - Forms Server and the focus does not return to the field that was selected when the messages pop up.

            I am going to try the trigger you mentioned and report back, let me know if any more information is required.

            EDIT: Adding go_item to the trigger is not giving me any results. I even included a message box to see if the trigger was being executed and nothing happened.

            Thank you.

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