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    Install correct versions of Forms (etc), Jdeveloper and Weblogic

      We are upgrading from forms 10g. We want to be able to upgrade to the most recent (or almost most recent) versions of Forms, but we also want Jdeveloper.

      I know from experience that you need the proper version of jdeveloper to go with the proper version of Weblogic, so knowing which version of all three is necessary.

      It looks like we can download newer versions of Forms, Jdeveloper and Weblogic separately, or we could install the Oracle Fusion Middleware suite which contains SOA (I would love to move to that), but that contains older versions of Forms and Jdeveloper.

      I have trudged through Oracle documentation and the like, but found no real satisfactory information about downloading each separately. Could anyone help me with suggestions about which versions go with which?

      Thank you,
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          As far as I know, JDeveloper is provided as a stand-alone download and has an embedded WLS used for testing. The JDeveloper installation must go into its own Middleware Home and not into, for example the one where Forms/Reports (or any other) lives.

          As for deploying your completed applications, you can either do this into another WLS installation or the one used by Forms/Reports. However, creating a new WLS domain is recommended and may be required (check the product documentation or contact Support for more information).



          If you decided to go with FMw PFRD 11.1.1.x, this does include a slightly older Forms/Reports version, but has nothing to do with JDeveloper. You can still use your choice of JDev give what I said above - the JDev installation must go into its own Middleware Home (e.g. Middleware2).

          There is one gotcha I can think of.... Jdeveloper can easily use Java 7. Be careful not to develop something in JDev using Java 7 then deploy it into your PFRD or F/R environment which uses Java 6 by default.