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    AutoVue 20.2.1 - ABV - Regular Expressions


      We have implemented the ABV/HotSpots feature and there is a regular expression we have defined that should work but isn't.

      Regular Expression:


      Using http://www.regular-expressions.info/javascriptexample.html to test it works seems is fine. So a00345, 00345a, 0a0345, test 00345 ALL fail which is what i want.
      But when i setup the hotspot definition with the above it doesn't match the cases in the PDF document.
      If i remove the ^ and $ then it does match but it matches cases i do not want (example: DVA-AB-12345)
      I want 5 number and that is it, nothing before or after.
      I am confused as to why the regular expression tester is saying it is fine and then AutoVue HotSpots fails it.
      I have thought about case sensitive and and either way true or false we are using numbers so it shouldn't affect things.

      Can anyone help?

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          George AV
          We are concatenating the strings together because we have many formats (mainly PDF) that may split words into separate string.
          We are also inserting '\n' and ' ' depending on the relative location of the following string.

          I recommend trying allowing for spacing around: (^|\s)[0-9]{4}(\s|$)


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            Hi George,

            Your suggestion sort of works. It now highlights the text including the space before and after.
            I was hoping to highlight the text only because we perform certain behaviour on this value which we can trim it just seems a shame that this would be required.
            I am able to search for the text using Auotvue via Ctrl+F and it goes straight to the text.
            I am also confused why we need to add the check for the spaces in because ' 12345 ' as string should be fine and only 12345 highlight right?

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              George AV

              Hi Nick,



              Currently, there is no way for you to specify which characters to highlight within the regular expression.



              Theoretically, it could be done through regex groups: (^|\s)(\d{4})(\s|$), highlight group # 2.

              We would need to enhance our API to accept the group index to highlight.



              Please log an enhancement request for this feature. I'm sure it will be very useful!