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    How much should we rely on "Parent" nodes like group?

      So I'm curious how much overhead does these groups, regions, panes, etc take up, and is there a point to worry about them?

      in the current application I'm working on I was thinking of having a group of bookstypes, within a group of bookshelves, within a group of bookcases. So technically I could have 5 groups on a shelf, 5 shelf groups on a bookcase, and 10 book cases being displayed at once, 250 is a lot of groups.

      Now I've seen people post on here saying that have hundreds of groups and such, so I think I'll be okay, but I'm just curious what the practice on these things are. Groups to me are going to make everything much easier, but I don't want to take "easy" for "slower." So if I didn't have these groups I would have to worry about where each book type is on each shelf, where each shelf is on each bookcase, for dragging, moving, rotating, etc.