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    INITIAL_EXTRACT_DATE  always use current date

    Yu Yang
      In the new container I have set the INITIAL_EXTRACT_DATE to 2010-04-01, but when run the dac and we found in the parameter file the INITIAL_EXTRACT_DATE has been changed to
      the current date when the exe plan has been run such as :2013-04-15 02:32:07, so did we miss some configuration some where ?
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          Veeresh Rayan
          Can you please let me know if you had done like this when setting up initial extract date.

          DAC login-->Design-->Source system Parameters --> Click on Query and type EXTRACT then go

          Highlight on $$Initial_Extract_DATE and see if the format is like this


          Function is Custom Format 'MM/DD/YYYY' .If this is not wokring for you then change the format to your required format.

          Do the same for $$LAST_EXTRACT_DATE and change the format to the format you are looking for.

          Then try running EP in full load mode.

          Also check with your DBA's with if any default date format can be set in 'MM/DD/YYYY' format?..

          MArk helpful or correct if it helps.

          Veeresh Rayan