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    startup and shutdown sequence in RAC on Linux

      I am trying to understand the start-up and shutdown sequence in 11g R2 RAC on Linux(OEL5.8).

      can you please share me docs or sequence.
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          Please read about the Oracle High Availability Service Stack documented in Oracle® Clusterware Administration and Deployment Guide
          +11g Release 2 (11.2)+ : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/rac.112/e16794/intro.htm#BABIDEFI.

          The process ohasd.bin started by init from /etc/inittab is the first process started.
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            Hi Friend,

            Example : Two node RAC. RAC1 and RAC2 instances.

            Stopping RAC2 Instance :
            1. Shutdown the Instance running on RAC2
            2. ./srvctl stop asm -n csbppmaadbs02
            3. ./srvctl stop nodeapps -n csbppmaadbs02
            4. ./srvctl stop listener -n csbppmaadbs02
            5. Check "./crs_stat -t"

            Note 1 : Check the following also for healthy status & If any service of RAC that also we have to check.

            6./crsctl check crs
            CSS appears healthy
            CRS appears healthy
            EVM appears healthy

            Starting RAC2 Instance
            1 ./srvctl start nodeapps -n csbppmaadbs02
            2 ./crs_stat -t
            3 ./srvctl start listener -n csbppmaadbs02
            4 ./srvctl start asm -n csbppmaadbs02
            5. Start the Instance of RAC2
            6. ./crs_stat -t

            Hope it helps...