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    SSL Renegotiation - Oracle iplanet web server (7 update 15) on Solaris 10

      Hello all,

      Currently running sjsws 7.15 on Solaris 10. The NSS library version shipped with sjsws 7 update 15 is:
      $Header: NSS Extended ECC Nov 22 2011 20:18:44 $

      This version of the NSS supports SSL Renegotiation and also supports the following environment variable:

      The variable allows you to tweak the behavior of ssl renegotiation or disable it.

      I have been trying to disable it all together, but to no avail. I then checked the operating system NSS library version and found it to be outdated (3.9.3). And the environment variable is only supported from version 3.12 and above.

      How can I tell if the oracle iplanet web server is using the OS NSS libraries or the libraries that were installed with the web server? How can I force the web server to use the libraries available in ws-install-dir/lib?

      Any help is appreciated,

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