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    SQL Developer Import Data

      Good afternoon,

      Here is my problem :

      I use Oracle SQL Developer to import data from Excel.

      1°) I created a temporary table as a copy from my target table (15 columns) ;
      2°) I created my Excel file with 15 columns, each one representing a column in my table ;
      3°) I used the "Import data" function on my table (here is how : http://database.blogs.webucator.com/2011/02/27/importing-data-using-oracle-sql-developer/ ) ;

      And so appears an error : "Task fail - rollback". And that's all.

      I checked my Excel columns format, I checked data in this file, ...

      And the weird part is that I already used this file with "Import Data" in SQL Developer 1 week ago. I just changed values in 1 column (and these new values have the same format and aren't too long for my table).

      Please, help me, I'm going crazy.

      Thank you.

      P.S : if you need more informations, just ask.