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    OEM 12c Metric Value History

      Hello! Sorry for my bad English. I have a problem to see Metric Value History.
      Historical data shows only 7 days with the average values for one hour
      and after 7 days as the average value of the day. In documentation i found:
      Core EM Metric Data Tables and Default Data Retention in the Management
      Repository Table                     Name Partitions Retained Partition Size
      EM_METRIC_VALUES                               7                          DAY
      EM_METRIC_VALUES_HOURLY                     32                          DAY
      EM_METRIC_VALUES_DAILY                         12                          MONTH

      I changed the values for the following:

      execute gc_interval_partition_mgr.set_
      retention('SYSMAN', 'EM_METRIC_VALUES', 90);
      execute gc_interval_partition_mgr.set_
      retention('SYSMAN', 'EM_METRIC_VALUES_HOURLY', 180);
      execute gc_interval_partition_mgr.set_
      retention('SYSMAN', 'EM_METRIC_VALUES_DAILY', 36);

      ------------------------------ -------------------

      But in EM:
      Host->All Metrics->Load->Memory Utilization(%)
      still shows the values in the last 7 days as an average over an hour, and 7 days later as the average of the day

      how can I shows the values of more than a week? Thanks.
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          surely no one has such a problem in Enterprise Manager when you see Metric Value Histroy?
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            You can select 'view_data' and select last 31 days or can view data based on 'Custom time period'
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              I believe modifying the retention time only applies to how long the raw data is kept before purging. You want to modify how often the data is aggregated. I will look into that.

              In the mean time, you should be able to access directly from the repository. Not ideal, but it is a start.
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                I will try to explain
                I have raw retention period 90 days

                Host->All metrics->Load->Memory Utilization(%)

                it shows 7 days with average values per hour. Later than 7 days - daily mean values.


                I choose the date for April 6 and EM shows me a solid line on the graph, the average for the day, while the bottom shows that the spikes were triggered and restrictions


                If i click on the button "Modify Threshold" i see the correct data

                general graph in "Modify Threshold"

                BUT if i have no privilege "Modify" I do not see the button "Modify Thresholds" and therefore can not see the correct graph.

                How can I configure the EM to see the graphs in (Host->All metrics->Load->Memory Utilization(%) ) later than 7 days as when you press the button "Modify Thresholds" instead of the average values for day?

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                  We're having exactly the same issue.... The graph for the Metrics Value History (view data: Last 31 days) only shows details for the last 7 days!
                  [http://prntscr.com/11slbm] (graph with a compare of 4 hosts)

                  The raw metrics data retention already was changed to 45 days some weeks ago:

                  SQL> select table_name, partitions_retained
                  2 from em_int_partitioned_tables
                  3 where table_name in ('EM_METRIC_VALUES','EM_METRIC_VALUES_HOURLY','EM_METRIC_VALUES_DAILY');

                  ------------------------------ -------------------
                  EM_METRIC_VALUES 45
                  EM_METRIC_VALUES_HOURLY 32
                  EM_METRIC_VALUES_DAILY 12

                  Interesting fact:

                  If you "Modify Tresholds..." the tresholds suggestion chart displays the correct information (when for example selecting 31days).

                  Hope there's a fix/solution for this issue?

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                    Also "Modify Thresholds" shows data only for the last month. Data older than the month tab does not display.
                    I need the data over the month.
                    Surely no one with such a problem not encountered?

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