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    CIFS shares not working, created new user accounts

      I have a solaris 11.1 x86 system running, where after recreating user accounts, so that they have a home dir, they lost smb/cifs access.

      I ran the following cmds:
      userdel <username>
      useradd -m <username>
      passwd <username>

      CIFS access was setup and worked before this change, using the solaris cifs server.
      The setup was done following the guide geving on paulies world blog.

      The error seen on the windows 7 client is: "The network path cannot be found"

      I have added the line "*.debug /var/adm/messages" to the '/etc/syslog.conf' file.
      This gives serveral errors of the format "date&time hostname smbsrv: [id xxxxxx kern.notice] NOTICE: [hostname\guest]: <sharename> bad path: /<zpool name>/<zfs name>

      Any advice on how to restore smb access:)