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    Zone fails to boot at start

      I'm having an interesting issue getting a zone to autoboot. Very little info found in google searching.

      I have two Solaris 11.1 machines, on one machine I created two zones. A web zone and a DB zone. I then moved the web zone to the other server.
      Install went well and it booted fine. However when I reboot the host server I get this message in the system-zones:default.log
      + zoneadm -z sentryweb1-8 boot
      ERROR: could not open master side of zone console for sentryweb1-8 to acquire slave handle: Device busy
      console setup: device initialization failed
      zone 'sentryweb1-8': could not start zoneadmd
      zoneadm: zone 'sentryweb1-8': call to zoneadmd failed
      + [[ -n yes ]]
      If I wait a minute after boot, I can start the zone using the zoneadm -z <zone> boot just fine.
      This is the only zone on the host. The only google thing I found suggested that happens when two zones try for the same console, but I checked /dev/zcons and there is only the one zone listed.

      Anyone seen this issue before?


      edit - some extra info. Right after host boot, we see that there are multiple zoneadmd starts for the zone.
      root  2243  1915   0 12:10:27 ?           0:00 zoneadmd -z sentryweb1-8
      root  2244  2243   0 12:10:27 ?           0:00 zoneadmd -z sentryweb1-8
      root  1806     1   0 12:09:26 ?           0:00 zoneadmd -z sentryweb1-8
      Yet zoneadm list -cv shows it setup just the once:
      root@taco:/var/svc/log# zoneadm list -cv
        ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP    
         0 global           running    /                              solaris  shared
         - sentryweb1-8     installed  /rpool/zones/sentryweb1-8      solaris  excl  
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          Just wanted to post a solution:

          We found there is a timeout setting in the service that starts zones. It seems if a zone takes a little bit to start, then the service times it out and tries starting the zone again. Of course this means you now have the same zone loading multiple times and then it errors because it cannot lock the console. Seems like Oracle may want to move the timeout to the zonecfg settings.