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    Memory leak problem

      i am getting a memory leak problem, heap size is 1.4 GB and using memory analyzer to analyze the issue but got nothing.
      i do not know much about weblogic please look the issue

      i am taking a heap dump and getting this
      weblogic.socket.DevPollSocketMuxe using shallow size=40 B and retained size=768.2 MB
      weblogic.ejb20.cache.NRUCache using shallow size=112 B and retained size=533.6 MB

      mostly out of 5 heap dumps ,i am getting weblogic.socket.DevPollSocketMuxer and weblogic.ejb20.cache.NRUCache which are taking most memory.
      i do not know why i am getting this.
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          There is a known issue documented in Oracle knowledge base.

          Memory Leak in Weblogic SocketMuxer, DevPollSocketMuxer [Memory Leak in WebLogic Server SocketMuxer [ID 980713.1]]

          The patch exists from 9.2.0 version to 10.3.0 version.
          You could try downloading and applying Patch 8175140 from Oracle Support Portal.

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            hi Vijaya

            Regarding about Memory Leak problem in Weblogic version 9.0
            As you replied this is known issue.
            Is this known issue of 9.2.0 or Weblogic 9.2.0 will solve the memory leak problem of DevPollSocketMuxer.
            How can i download this patch.

            so 9.2.0 will sove the problem. I dont know much about this.
            Also patch from 9.2.0 version to 10.3.0 will be compatible with 9.0.