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      Hi Folks,

      I have posted this in another forum, no reply yet so am posting here as well. I am trying to use regular expression to to see if a certain string value is formatted in the correct way: 'hour:min:sec,milisec'

      My code is as follow:

      *String format  = "([\\d\\d]:[\\d\\d]:[\\d\\d],[\\d\\d\\d])";*
      *boolean found = true;*

      *Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(format);*
      *Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher("00:00:03,000");*
      *found = matcher.find();*

      the boolean found is being print as false, I am not sure why, as I was expecting a true as I feel there should have been a match. Hope
      someone can advise on this. Thank you.