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    use run_product call report from form failed.

    Hellen Cao-Oracle
      Hi Expert,

      I have a report in my application server and run report like below, it works fine.
      run_product(REPORTS,'/gr100/MILK/MILKdev/xxc/reports/XCPO5004',SYNCHRONOUS, RUNTIME,FILESYSTEM, pl_id,NULL);

      Unfortunately, I save the report in DB and run like below, it doesn't work.
      run_product(REPORTS,'',SYNCHRONOUS, RUNTIME,FILESYSTEM, pl_id,NULL); is the db server ip address.

      I change to run like
      run_product(REPORTS,'',SYNCHRONOUS, RUNTIME,DB, pl_id,NULL);
      I still not work.
      Product version is Forms&Reports 9.0.4

      Will any expert give some advise on this? Or Do you have any idea to call the report from db?

      Thank you in advance!