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    FDM Error: Essbase API Procedure: [EsbInit] Threw code: 1030803

      Dear All,

      I am trying to setup the connectivity between FDM and Essbase and getting the error: Essbase API Procedure: [EsbInit] Threw code: 1030803.

      I went through existing posts in this forum and also followed the installation guide while registering the adapters, but still getting the error.

      Here are the details:
      I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 and FDM
      I've installed Essbase client 32 bit as well as 64 bit on this server.
      The complete essbase is installed on a different server.

      I've updated the Environment variables in the following way:
      ARBORPATH = D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\ExcelAddin;D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\EssbaseRTC-64\;
      ESSBASEPATH = D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\ExcelAddin;D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\EssbaseRTC-64\;
      PATH = D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\FinancialManagement\Client;

      I've placed the "Adapter" at the location: D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\EssbaseRTC-64\\bin\Adapters i.e. the ES11X-G4-J.xml and upsES11XG4J.exe files.

      After placing the adapters, I imported the ES11X-G4-J.xml and then registered the Adapter upsES11XG4J.exe. Then I added the machine profile for FDM server and Essbase server by providing the ID and password for Essbase. I also defined the Application name and DB Name.

      I've been working on it since past two days but still no luck.

      Any advice input will be really appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards
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          FDM is a 32 bit application, therefore it uses the 32 bit Essbase Client for all operations.

          You would need to udpate the PATH system environment varable with the 32 bit path's first, followed by the 64 bit paths.
          The ESSBASEPATH would also need to point to the 32 bit EssbaseRTC folder.

          You can follow KM Document:

               FDM: How To Register The Essbase Adapter and Troubleshoot Common Issues in and Higher [ID 1345340.1]
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            Many thanks for reply user735469!!
            I Read your post related to similiar issue in another thread and was able to figure out the solution. Here is detailed solution for this issue:

            As you’re aware that FDM is a 32 bit application (frankly, I wasn’t aware until I read the installation document) and needs 32-bit Essbase client.

            There are certain things to be kept in mind while configuring FDM with Essbase:

            1.     EssbaseRTC folder at the location: D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\EssbaseRTC
            2.     Environment Variables
            3.     ES11X-G4-J.xml and upsES11XG4J.exe file for registering the adapters.
            4.     Creating the machine profile, entering the Application & DB details, mapping the dimensions for data loading using FDM Workbench.

            EssbaseRTC folder

            Now this is a tricky one! You do not have EssbaseRTC folder on FDM server. There is an EssbaseRTC-64 (64-bit Essbase client) folder available but not EssbaseRTC (32-bit Essbase Client) folder. You would require to copy this folder from the Essbase Server to FDM Server at the location: D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\.

            Environment Variables

            There are three environment variables needed for FDM – Essbase configuration:
            1.     ARBORPATH
            2.     ESSBASEPATH and
            3.     PATH

            You can open Environment Variables by right clicking on My Computer within the FDM server, select Properties and then click on Advanced System Properties on the left hand side pane.

            The ARBORPATH does not exist unless you create it or you have Excel Add-in installed on the FDM Server. If ARBORPATH variable does not exist then create a variable with the same name and enter the following path:

            If ARBORPATH already exist then append the above line at the end.

            In the ESSBASEPATH variable, add the following path: D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\EssbaseRTC\ (same as above).

            Ensure that all the 32-bit paths are defined at the beginning, followed by other paths. Also, you would require to specify the EssbaseRTC path again in the PATH variable. Below is details of all the paths used within PATH environment variable:

            Once all the environment variables are set, you would require to reboot the FDM Server.

            ES11X-G4-J.xml and upsES11XG4J.exe

            If the above mentioned files are not found on the FDM server then they can be downloaded from Oracle website. Place the two files at the location:

            NOTE: DO NOT create a folder by the name "Adapter" in bin folder, it works without creating a folder.

            These two files are essential for registering the adapters for Hyperion Essbase.

            FDM Workbench Client

            1.     Launch FDM workbench Client from Start > All Programs > Oracle EPM System > Financial Data Quality Management > Workbench > Workbench Client (to be on the
            safer side, launch this application as “Run as Administrator”.
            2.     Click on the menu option File > Import. Locate the ES11X-G4-J.xml and click on Open. On the General tab, select the Integration Adaptor and Scripts. Go to the
            Options tab and uncheck Save Existing machine profiles. Click on OK.
            3.     Select File > Register Adapter, locate the file upsES11XG4J.exe and click on Open.
            4.     On the Adapters tab, expand the Target System Adapters directory and the Expand Directory icon of the preferred adapter.
            5.     Right-click Machine Profiles, and then select Add Machine Profile.
            6.     In the Add Machine Profile dialog box, enter the required information:
            a.     Source Machine Name—The FDM application server name
            b.     Target Machine Name—The computer name or IP address of the application server or application cluster
            7.     Optional: To override the logon method specified by the integration settings, for UserName, Password, and Domain, specify a user name, password, and domain for the local computer. This option is generally not used; the unified logon functionality provided within FDM, which provides network authentication, is the preferred method. The local computer uses the specified user name and password to log on to the target application server and the application. The user account specified must have access to the target application server and appropriate security privileges, regardless of the user who is logged on to FDM
            8.     Click OK.

            Mapping FDM Dimension Names to Target System Dimension Names
            FDM dimension names must be mapped to the target system dimension names for drill-through functionality to work. This can be accomplished in two ways, using the Essbase adapter’s Configure screen, and using the Essbase adapter’s Dimension node:
            Using the Essbase Adapter’s Configure Screen
            1.     Log in to FDM Workbench.
            2.     Select the Adapters tab.
            3.     Right-click on the Essbase adapter and select Configure.
            The Adapter Integration Setup screen is displayed.
            4.     Select the Dimensions tab.
            5.     Select the dimensions that will be used to load to Essbase and ensure the following properties are enabled and configured:
            •     Check the Active box.
            •     Select the Target Dimension drop-down menu and select the target dimension to which to map. Note: Integration to the target application is required for this step.
            •     Repeat for each FDM dimension that will be mapped to a target dimension.

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              Thank you so much!!!!

              I met the same issue and follow your guide,it has been solved!!

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                Can you make the Thread as answered, Thank You!