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    OFSA-ALMBI: How to execute SCD Process unused Batch Processing Framework

      The following steps comprise the ALM BI Process:
           +1. Hierarchy Flattening+
           +2. Dimension Table Population and Slowly Changing Dimension Processing+
           +3. Populating the Dimension Run table+
           +4. Time Dimension Population+
           +5. ALM Results Transformation+

      I have problem to execute this steps from Batch Processing framework.

      So, I decided to execute this steps with same workaround.

      Step 1:
      I could run this step using SQL Plus/PLSQL
           Function Name: rev_batchHierFlatten
      Parameters: batch_run_id, mis_date, pDimensionId, pHierarchyId
      function rev_batchHierFlatten(batch_run_id varchar2,
      mis_date varchar2,
      pDimensionId varchar2,
      pHierarchyId varchar2,

      Step 2:
      I don't know how to execute step 2 without using Batch Processing framework.
      Can anyone help me?

      Thank you in advance.