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    Java Program- help needed

      Car Database
      Write a program that stores details of a car collection.
      Level 1 maximum 50% (depending on implementation, demonstration, viva and documentation) must include the following:
           Declaration and initialisation of variables
           Separate arrays to store individual details of each item
           A menu of options dependent on an integer variable
           Method to add items
           Method to search for an item and print details
           Method to print items
           Useful comments, good indentation, good use of variable names

      •     Create a menu of options controlled with an integer variable for the programme including
      o     input a new entry from a keyboard
      o     search for an entry
      o     print all the entries so far
      o     Quit
      •     Declare a series of arrays to hold details of Cars. A car consists of (for example) the type of car, value of the car in pounds and make (“Golf TDI”, 15,000, “Volkswagen”). The program should be able to store car details in the declared arrays.
      •     A single entry can be entered by the user typing the details in and the entry can be printed out.
      •     Your program should provide a search method that allows the type of a given car to be looked up in the array and the details printed to the screen.