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    Alexandra Robin
      I think I'm missing the last step. I set up everything in my application itself, but don't understand how to do the rest.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      Application Express

      ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PLS-00201: identifier 'WWV_FLOW_CUSTOM_AUTH_SSO.PORTAL_SSO_REDIRECT' must be declared ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PL/SQL: Statement ignored
      Error WWSEC_SSO_ENABLER_PRIVATE package does not exist or is invalid.
      Please ask your administrator to configure the engine for Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On.
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          Alexandra Robin
          Sorry all - I had lost track of another post I created with the same question.
          I'm closing this one.
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            Alexandra Robin
            closed not answered
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              Hi Alexandra,

              What do you mean by "set up everything in my application itself"? To use the Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On authentication scheme, you would actually have to configure the SSO SDK on your APEX instance. Has that step been completed?

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                Alexandra Robin
                Joel is helping now...
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                  Alexandra Robin
                  Hi Joel!
                  I followed these instructions and got the authentication setup with in one of my six applications, but don't know how to do the rest. After doing these steps I get the error. I have been trying to educate myself via Google on setting up the partner or whatever it is I need to do now, but I'm not "gettin' it."

                  Setting Up Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On To set up Oracle Application Server
                  Single Sign-On:
                  1. On the Workspace home page, click the Application Builder icon.
                  2. Select an application.
                  3. On the Application home page, click Shared Components.
                  The Shared Components page appears.
                  4. Under Security, select Authentication Schemes.
                  5. On the Authentication Schemes page, click Create.
                  6. Select Based on a pre-configured scheme from the gallery and click Next.
                  7. Under Name:
                  a. Name - Enter the name used to reference the authentication scheme by other
                  application developers.
                  b. Scheme Type - Select Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On.
                  8. Fill in the appropriate fields.
                  9. To learn more about a specific field, see item Help.
                  When help is available, the item label changes to red when you pass your cursor
                  over it and the cursor changes to an arrow and question mark. See "About
                  Field-Level Help" on page 1-13.
                  10. Click Create.
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                    Alexandra Robin
                    Now I am going to try reading through this:
                    But it's time for the gym.
                    Back in an hour!
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                      Hi Alexandra,

                      There is a Support note on My Oracle Support with ID 562807.1 that discusses how to setup and configure the SSO SDK on your instance.

                      While you mention the steps that you may have performed within the Application Builder, for the authentication scheme of one of your applications - that will never work unless you have first installed the SSO SDK on your APEX instance and registered with the Oracle Login Server (and subsequently registered the APEX instance as the 'partner application' on your APEX instance).

                      Again...this is in Document ID 562807.1 - that's the place I recommend you start.

                      I hope this helps.

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                        Alexandra Robin
                        Thanks, Joel...going there now.
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                          Alexandra Robin
                          gOING THERE NOW

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                            Alexandra Robin
                            Okay - I don't know how to get in at the Add Support Identifiers page.
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                              Hi Alexandra,

                              I'm pretty certain that My Oracle Support requires a Customer Support Identifier.

                              Let's take a step back - do you have Oracle Login Server and/or Oracle IDM installed and running at your place of business?

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                                Alexandra Robin
                                I need to check with our network administrator. He's not at his desk. Sorry I don't know this part of stuff.