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    Weblogic 10.3.5

      I just installed weblogic 10.3.5 on Solaris 10 server.

      1. Installed Weblogic
      2. Created new domain with one managed domain.
      3. Started Weblogic
      4. http://IP.port#/console works fine
      5. https://IP:port#/console does not work

      I have done these in two servers both failed. Do I need to installed any other product to run https?
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          Let me put it this.

          I have some *.ear files created by jdeveloper. I need to deploy this on Weblogic 10.3.5.

          1. Installed Weblogic 10.3.5 on Solaris 10 server.
          2. Created a managed server.
          3. Deployed ear file.
          4. Http works fine
          5. Https does not work.

          Q: Do I need any other product to install for https?
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            abhay kumar
            Have u enabled your https port for weblogic server. If not enable it from the console , By default that port is not enabled.
            Expand the Server node.
            Select the General tab.
            check the SSL Port Enabled option.
            Click Apply to save your changes.
            Reboot WebLogic Server.