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    Data Guard - Primary and Standby Information


      Is there any dictionary view available to get the standby database information (like - DB_NAME,hostname etc..) from primary database? I need this details to prepare an inventory for all my primary databases and associated standby databases.

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          Dictionary views have limited information at best. The tsnames, some of the Primary parameters with provide some the of information. log_archive_dest_n for example.

          LOG_FILE_NAME_CONVERT and DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT may provide a small amount of information.

          "show parameter" still works on databases doing apply.

          V$DATAGUARD_STATUS may show a location like where the log is being written.

          V$DATABASE has a tiny amount of information, maximum performance, mode of the database.

          Oracle does not store the remote host in the database.

          It will depend on exactly what you need, but most you need to put something together. I started with a Spreadsheet that has Database name, Oracle version, Server DNS Name, Has Standby and Size.

          My friend CKPT has these two scripts which may also help :


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            show aparameter log_archive_dest and dg_config

            parameters would show you standby database name