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    Lost VMs after rebuilding OVM Manager

    tim s - oracle
      I had Oracle VM 3 setup and running nicely for a while, one manager machine, and two VM servers both using local storage/repositories. My manager machine died (no backups), so I had to build a new one. Getting the existing VM servers registered with it has been a nightmare - as they are "owned" by another manager, I ran the following commands to reset that ownership (this was from another thread on here):

      # service ovs-agent stop
      # rm -rf /etc/ovs-agent/db
      # service ovs-agent start

      However, I still can't get it all setup back as it was, so I figured I'd bite the bullet and just copy off the VMs, rebuild the servers from scratch, and import the VMs back on. The problem is, I've gone into where they were stored (/OVS/Repositories/0004fb0000030000d71a24356c79b95a for example), but this is now empty, despite the manager machine detecting the file systems, and showing them as partially used (as expected).

      It looks like the data is still there, but I can't see it for some reason - anyone know how to get this back?
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          tim s - oracle
          And yes, looks like I should have just deleted /etc/ovs-agent/db/server, maybe I've wiped out some LVM or OCFS2 configuration?
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            Very sorry to hear. Sounds like a nightmare. I have never encountered that so don't know the best way to resolve.

            A couple of things I am doing that you may want to consider since you are rebuilding anyway.

            I read that running the OVM manager in a VirtualBox VM is now supported so I am doing that. I can now make vm snapshots of it and backup to whole VM to another machine in case I lose the machine it is on.

            I am periodically doing clones & cold backups of all my VMs to external storage. The most important ones are being backed up by CommVault inside the VM but having the entire VM is better (yes, I wear both 'belts & suspenders' to keep my 'pants' from falling down).

            For my Dev Environment as an extra layer I attached a 4TB USB3.0 drive to make extra archivals to.

            Wish you the best of luck & will update the thread if I think of anything for your current situation.

            EDIT: Regarding 'rm -rf' before deleting anything you might need copy it somewhere else first...

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