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    EdStevens Guru
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    969352 wrote:
    Thanks Edstevens ;

    I will show this thread among our mates. Many thanks to all replies.

    Commonly we know - I agree with you.

    ■ Oracle Universal Installer to install Oracle products
    ■ OPatch to apply interim patches.

    - I am not argue with Experts (please understand)
    Big Argue on this statement ;
    If i have Patchsets (merged filles , nearly 100 patches) , Opatch can't use , because of large size (GB).
    Please provide proof that you cannot use opatch because of large files
    So i need to use OUI. - +( we have arguments among our team)+
    Ok, tell your team that if they think they can use OUI to do opatch's job, have at it. Just make sure they have a solid backup of both the database and ORACLE_HOME and the inventory files before they start. Let us know how how they make out.

    Please reply .. If our understanding is right or wrong. I hope to get it.
    I've already explained and provided the documentation. I'd say at this point it's up to your "team" to prove otherwise.

    Thanks ..
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    Thanks Edstevens ...

    - The thread Answered.

    Thanks Sb and Osama with OTN
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    FYI : I don't have any proof ... Thanks for all replies.

    Well We got clear information ..
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