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    How to change default BIserver port  9703. Pls. help


      During installation of Oracle 11.1.16 in SunSolaris, by choosing options in staticports.ini, we had custom ports for Domain port, managed server listen port, and managed server ssl ports (based on our firewall needs). We left all the other OPMN and BIFOUNDATION ports to be default.

      But now we realized, we cannot connect to 9703 (default BIServer port), to create Oracle DSN connection, because of firewall restrictions. I have been trying to find out how to change 9703 to 9006 (this is the port we want to access and have as BIServer port), but not been successful, after reading many threads and blogs.

      (1) I know we have the port range in Scalability tab in Fusion EM, Default is 9700 to 9810. If I change that to 9000 to 9810 (since I want to use 9006), will that be OK ?

      (2) Also we need to modify the port number as 9006 in some file - NQSConfig.INI or staticports.ini ? Where and how to do it ? Any help is appreciated pls.