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    Dual monitor forms with alerts/messages --issues

      Hi guys

      If someone can give me a tip on what to do I would really appreciate it.
      We have forms 11gr2 on win xp 32bit , weblogic linux server 64bit.
      We are converting 6i to 11g. Our system has many forms that span on 2 monitors. 1280x768 monitors, so some forms are 2560x768.
      When alerts/messages pop up on the screen , they are positioned in the middle of both screens (guessing Oracle by defautl calculates width =2560/2, height =768/2).

      Possible options:
      1- is there a way to tell oracle to open alerts/messages a X Y coordinates? Maybe a config file on the server? Already file a Sr with Oracle tech support...not much help came back of it.

      2- tried creating a form to do our messages. but this is flawed since when you call the new form to display the message, then the focus on current form is lost. when the message form is closed (then trigger when_window_activate fires)...this would be hell to try and control all our messages (we may have 20-30 on each big form. We have a total of 118 forms. Lots of messages with Y/N/Cancel options.

      3- Maybe create a place holder for messages on all forms (bottom of screen)...thats the best idea we have so far.

      4- Is there a way to do something with a java beans? We already have some knowledge with beans since we use image beans and pdf beans.

      any ideas guys....