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    What are the advantages of OBIEE over other BI tools?

      Hi everybody

      We are currently evaluating multiple BI vendors. Our core warehouse is Oracle based. Hence I have the following questions:

      1. What are the advantages of OBIEE if the core warehouse is on Oracle anyway?
      2. Do you know any link which gives an overview which frontend tool to use for what requirement?
      3. I learned there are multiple "semantic layers" possible or cubes like OLAP Option versus Essbase. What to take for which application?
      4. How is Essbase integrated in query tools and the DBMS?
      5. How would you judge the efforts to configure the web portal?
      6. If you're switching from e.g. BusinessObjects and Microsoft SSAS - how difficult do you feel will it be for report developers and end users?

      Really appreciate your help!
      Best regards