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    Cannot create 'Structures' in R12.1.3 Product Workbench (PIM)

      I am facing an issue in R 12.1.3 instance when I move on to create BOm ('Structures') in the Product Work bench.
      1. Login to the seeded 'Development Manager' responsibility
      2. Navigate to ' Launch Product Workbench'
      3.In the workbench, select the 'XX Master IO' in the favourites pane on left
      4.Right click to 'Create Item' ((Alternately select the IO from Top right pane, and click 'Create Item'))
      5. Engineering Item is created with all required details (Seeded FG item Template item used)
      6. The Item is created
      7. Right click on the item to 'Create Structure'

      8. ALERT BOX APPEARS 'You do not have sufficient privileges to create structure for this item'

      9. Other Info- Configuration for single BG-LE_Ledger-OU-IO is done, the basic profile options for Ledger. MO:Operating Unit, HR: Business broup is done at resp level
      10. The structure types, names, catalogs are created for this OU (setups for PIM)

      Any body encountered this issue?
      Pls let me know..