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    Serialization of complex hierarchies using PortableObject or PofSerializer

      Hi, I am starting with Coherence and I am having a hard time trying to introduce POF serialization in a complex hierarchy of classes... classes containing another classes that extend abstract classes that extend another abstract classes... All of them add up to 500 classes... I tried using PortableObject and Cohclipse to generate automatically the readExternal and writeExternal methods but I noticed that I missed that data of the attributes contained in the abstract classes. I thought that it might be because I repeated in the subclass the indexes for the attributes of the abstract class but I changed it and it is still not working. Besides I have problems with Enums...
      I just wanted to know which would be the best approach to this kind of task because I am trying to look for posible solutions in google but all I can find are just very simple examples... If you could give me any advise I would really appretiate it. Thanks