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    oracle trace on events

      hi gurus..

      please anybody explain me what is the difference between event based trace (eg 10046,10053) and a normal trace using alter session ?

      At what condition it is recommended to use?

      is it still using as latest dbms_monitor package is available ?

      any help is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance
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          All 3 are related to monitoring the sql executions and get detailed information about sql, how many current reads,consistent reads etc were needed during the execution of sql.

          10053 is more advanced version of 10046 and shows more details like what all execution plans were looked on by optimizer and which plan was finally choosen. The information provided is not plain simple English and hence is mainly used by people doing advanced tuning or by oracle support.
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            ok, but at what circumstance they are useful?

            still it is using along with alter session ??

            is there is any equivalent option in dbms_monitor or any other packages ??
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              Check the below document
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                10046 is the trace event to find out the wait happening at different steps of the execution whereas 10053 is going to bring out the details of the optimizer's working. So two different trace events for two different purposes.