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    How to start Application Server

    Francisco Amores
      Hi all,

      I successfully deployed the two images but I once I shutdown the machines I only know how to start PIA (Webserver)


      What about application server, which scripts do I have to launch?

      Currently I´m only able to navigate to PSFT but when I logon I get message Application server is down.

      Thanks in advance!!!
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          It's maybe time to read OVM doc, isn't it ?
          In your case, Task 2-4: Using the PeopleSoft Installation

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            Francisco Amores

            thanks for the info.

            My knowledge on PSFT is really basic as I just want to use that for integrating with Hyperion. I have converted it to Virtual Box. Although for that only db is necessary, it is good to have application tier for drilling feature working.

            I had a look to Tasks 2-4 but I did not really get it clearly.

            Would it be enough with running oraclevm-template --enable? and then in next start, appserver and webserver will be automatically initiated?

            Currently I´m doing,
            1. Run Virtual Box for DB and run startSID.sh
            2. Run Virtual Box for PT and run startPIA.sh

            I thought it was easy as running another script for appserver :-)

            Thanks for your help