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    Invoking P6 web services using PL/SQL block

    SantoshV Singh
      Hi Team,

      We have requirement like

      Oracle jobs will invoke PL/SQL code to authenticate and establish a session with the P6 Web services.
      Web service will export Project data from One Primavera database as an XML and copy to common location.
      Then this XML project files will be imported into archive database.

      Could anyone help me how I can establish sessio between Pl/SQL and P6 webservices?
      Please let me know if you need any more information.


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          Barrie Callender

          It will be no different than connecting to any web services through PL/SQL which is pretty hard to do and if you are asking how to do it then you have a steep learning curve ahead of you and not a great deal in the way of good examples out there.


          I wouldn't even attempt the approach you suggest.  Instead I would probably write a Java application to do it and use your PL/SQL to enqueue a message that routed to the Java application.  Then the java application with the Web Services support and P6 client would be easier to do what you want with web services.