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    Designer Matrix Diagrammer in V- on Windows 7

    Rod Davidson
      I'm pleased to see that Repository Reports are working now on Windows-7. They come out as an HTML file, which is WAY better than not working....

      But now is the Matrix Diagrammer supposed to work in Windows-7?

      I can open the tool.
      When I select NEW, it lets me pick the container to put this new diagram in.
      And then opens the "New Matrix" window with scrollable list of ROWS adjacent to the scrollable list of COLUMNS.
      I can even select the Row or Column and it will reduce the opposing list accordingly.
      I then pick the opposing item and click "OK".

      That's as far as I can get. It hangs here. I've tried selecting very simple rows/columns thinking the volume may just be too great. And I let the simple selection sit for 4-to-5 hours and it continues the "Not Responding" response.

      Is anyone having success with the Matrix Diagrammer in version on Windows-7 ? Or is it known that it does NOT work in version on Windows-7 ???

      Rod Davidson

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