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    Oracle CC&B ,Password changes for Schemas

      Dear All,

      I am new to Utilities and Oracle CC&B.I've recently deployed multiple CC&B environments for my client.
      Now there is a requirement to change passwords for critical CC&B database schema (users) eg cisadm,cisuser etc.
      I need to know what are the steps to be followed.I can change the passwords in database using 'alter user ..' but how do I propagate that information to OUAF app.

      I am sure many of you have done it,if you have any expertise please share.

      Thanks a Lot!
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          you change your password for the schema in the database using the alter user command.

          using command prompt go to the
          +$SPLBASE/bin+ and use the command configureenv -e <environment name> and there under the database configuration you will have the option to change the password for the database schema that connects with the OUAF.

          $SPLBASE is the directory where your environment lies. example C:\spl\ccbdemo\bin and your command is like configureenv -e ccbdemo

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            Thanks for your reply.
            configure.env will create the new ENVIRONMENT.ini with new passwords ,do I need to run the initialsetup?
            If yes is there any option to just post the passwords information only and not the entire ENv.ini...? sorry if I am asking too many questions but I want to get it right so please share if you have any experiences or some checks that I should keep in mind while doing so.

            Thanks a ton!
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              environ.ini is the place where the connection details are referred. It stores the password in the encrypted formated(from version 3.0 i guess), not sure about the encryption key that is being used.

              when you change any environment variables, your environ.ini should be generated again and you need to run the initialsetup.cmd.

              May be there is an another way too, I am not sure if there is one, why not take a backup of your current environ.ini and then run the initialsetup and then edit it manually the current one with the help of the back up file, personally i have not tried this option.

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                Thanks Har for your response...
                So I think I've a plan ready..I will execute it and let u know if it works.offcourse I will take a backup of my CCB DB and SPLEBASE just in case :)
                Thanks Much!