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    getOADBTransaction().commit() throwing classCastException java.lang.string

      I have two different entity object and two View Object based on those two EOs. both the VOs are attached to one Application module. In a web page I have two editable advanced tables, each of them is bound with one of the VOs. I have one save button after each of the tables. both the VOs have one transient attribute of type boolean. each row of both the tables have one column with a checkbox. The boolean attribute is there to implement SPELL. the view attribute of the checkbox containing field is actually a flag that is used to set or unset by checking or unchecking the checkbox.

      Those EOs have no relation between them

      My problem is whenever the user tries to check the checkbox of the 2nd table and clicks the save button the application throws classCastException. But for the first table it is working fine. On both the cases the event handler in the CO invokes same AM method where the only code written is getOADBTransaction().commit() .

      After saving record(s) of the first table each time the view is getting refreshed to get the changes back in the screen. The problem was there even before doing it.

      I've tried with different AM methods or only one save button. but in vain.

      Please help.