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    Advance Pricing - Modifiers Advise required for scenarios

      Hi Gurua,

      Please advise on below scenarios, how to Map in Oracle apps to acheive client requirement:

      Scenario 1: Client wants to give Price Override acces to their End users but permission should be restrict to certain level, example: upto 6% permissiable, If they try to give more than 6% system should not allow to apply in Sales order; If system allows that should go for further approval like supervisor , manager approval for respective Sales order.

      Is there any setup or restriction to achieve this scenario

      Scenario 2: Package Discount like Item A+B+C+D+E one package, if customer purchase this package, they are eligible to get 20% Discount

      Scenario 3: Promo Item Ex: A , B , C under one promo offer, If customer purchase 50 Items from this items (All items have to purchase), customer is eligible to get 25% discount;

      How to make mandatory of Promo; Item A, B, C... If customer purchase 50 Items from A - 25, B- 0, C - 25; we have to make A, B items are mandatory to get discount, C is optional.

      How to map this oracle application, possible setups, profile options.

      Highly appreciate your valuable responses.