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    ap := DDE.App_Begin('C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe '||V_l

    younis yassin
      V_username varchar2(100);
      V_Password varchar2(100);
      V_numbers varchar2(4000);
      V_Sender varchar2(100);
      V_msg varchar2(4000);
      V_dateSend date ;--(100) defaul
      V_timeSend varchar2(100) ;
      V_deleteKey varchar2(100);
      V_msgKey varchar2(100);

      V_Link varchar2(4000);
      ap PLS_INTEGER;
      V_username :='966534587754';
      V_Password :='managers123';
      V_Sender :='0534587754';
      V_numbers :='966534587754';
      V_msg :='hi you receive this message from eta company';
      V_dateSend :='20/04/2013';
      V_deleteKey :='null';
      V_msgKey :='null';

      V_link :=XX_MG_Send_MSG(V_username,V_Password,V_numbers , V_sender ,V_msg , V_dateSend , V_timeSend , V_deleteKey ,V_msgKey );

      ap := DDE.App_Begin('C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe '||V_link,DDE.APP_MODE_NORMAL);

      ---host('iexplore.exe '||V_link);


      ORA-06550: line 26, column 10:
      PLS-00201: identifier 'DDE.APP_BEGIN' must be declared
      ORA-06550: line 26, column 4:
      PL/SQL: Statement ignored

      1- I was execute above statement to send sms from oracle database but
      i face error ora-6550
      please i need to help me to solve this error

      2- and the second question is how to execute this statement daily automaticly from database at 08:00 for example