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    Questions for technical consultant in SIM card position

      Dear peers,

      I'm going to have an interview for a technical consultant in SIM card. I have a background in Telecommunication (mobile network), I have worked in Javacard application development for identity sector. I have some knowledge about smartcard (ISO 7816), about Javacard (application development). However, I've never worked in SIM card field so I need your help in this interview.

      Would you please pose your technical questions in SIM card (from your experience) in particular and in smartcard in general. I'll try to answer them so I have somethings in my mind before the interview. Your reference answer will be highly appreciated.

      I know this kind of question is reversely posed in this forum but in the context of economic crise, finding a job in smartcard is not easy so I hope that you all accept my apology and help me to seize this opportunity.

      If you have any experience that can be shareable about this kind of position, your comments are welcome.

      Thank you for your help in advance.

      BR, Vincent