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    SOAConfigPlan and WSDL fallback solution issue

      SOA installation version :-

      I am trying to implement a deployment strategy for the composite applications.

      I tried creating and updating the transition plans for updating the endpoint URI.

      <reference name="service_name">
      <binding type="ws">
      <property name="endpointURI">

      This works fine ... but ..

      When there is a fault thrown by this endpoint provided in the composite retries the URI provided in location attribute of the WSDL file. This can be viewed in the enterprise manager in the faults section of the process instance.

      As far as I understand this feature is provided by oracle for high availability. ref - http://www.albinsblog.com/2011/12/oracle-soa-11g-multiple-partner-link.html#.UXTRzcpIOZQ

      In wsdl usually the location is just a reference which may not be valid in a production environment. Usually it points to the dev environment. When the transition is done it should be through the deployment plan and not through changing the wsdl files.

      Please help how to disable the behavior of disabling of fallback to wsdl uri. Please correct me if any of my assumptions are wrong.

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