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    PeopleSoft Initial Upgrade Pass : Custom Objects Missing

      We have just completed the PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 to 9.1 Initial Pass. In the upgraded COP all the custom objects are gone now. Did we do something wrong ??

      I checked in the PeopleTools Upgrade step that the entire PeopleTools objects are replaced at one point. If that is true then how do we do the retrofitting as the custom objects are not available any more :(

      Please help !!

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          The upgrade doc instructs the user to compare their COP with the old DEMO db (where all the maintenance fixes had been applied) in order to build a project - UPGCUST - with all the customizations. Later on, in Chapter 4, this UPGCUST project is compared to the 9.1 release flagging all objects that were also modified by Oracle. At this point, an evaluation of which objects will be kept and which will be overridden by the 91 version needs to be taken - step Reviewing New Release Changes. In Chapter 5, step Copying the UPGCUST Project will copy the chosen customizations over to the 9.1 db. When all 9.1 metadata is copied back to your COP, the chosen customizations will be among them.

          Hope it helps.