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    SGD and Java update 7.21


      We are running SGD version 4.6, and after installing java update 7.21 clients are getting the next error:
      Failed to start or download Secure Global Desktop Client Component

      This may be due to your web browser security settings.

      If problems persist, contact a Secure Global Desktop Administrator.

      I've tested to update our server to the lates 4.70 version, but i still cannot connect: *"Unable to start a Secure Global Desktop Client"*

      Is there any way to fix this? Clients with older java version have no problems, so it seems to be something in java 7.21


      Jelle Ruesink
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          Yes - go to 'My Oracle Support' or contact Support for details.
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            Would you mind providing a hint about what or where to search for in MyOracle Support to get the fix you refer to? Thank you very much.
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              This patch only works, providing you have a copy of tcc.exe stored locally already, so in other words you have already accessed SGD before.

              But if you have removed the tcc folder from C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\ for whatever reason (Windows disk cleanup will do this if you choose to delete temporary files etc.) or more importantly you have never had tcc.exe, so are making your first ever connection from that machine, then this error persists and SGD is broken.

              You can workaround by installing the SGD client using https://yoursgdserver/installic_en.html - but this is not possible in a lot of situations where desktops are managed and don't allow software installations.

              Can anyone else provide a workaround?
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                user12629685 wrote:
                Document 1546161.1
                Thanks a lot!
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                  I've installed the patch on my SGD 4.62 server, and as Hutch mentioned, the users that had tcc.exe files installed will work. However the client install work around that was mentioned, does not. No tcc.exe file is installed in the users AppData directory.
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                    Hi Folks,

                    FYI, SGD Support and Dev are aware of the 4.62 (and 4.61) problems with the tcc not installing after applying the patch outlined by the referenced MOS Doc ID.

                    This will require new patches specifically for 4.6.1 and 4.62, but the 4.63 & 4.70 releases should work fine with the existing patches.

                    I would recommend you open an Oracle support case if you need these pending patches for 4.61 & 4.62.


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                      The problem for me is, that our installation of SGD 4.60 is a few years old, and we dont have a maintenance contract anymore. So i cannot access the given document / patch.
                      Is is possible for oracle to make the patch public? Or can someone provide it here?

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                        Same problem... Our customer doesn't have a Support contract anymore..

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                          1001118 wrote:
                          Is is possible for oracle to make the patch public? Or can someone provide it here?
                          No. that is not possible.
                          MOS documents and product patches are only made available to those that have support privileges.
                          That is a direct benefit you receive when you pay for support. If you are not a paying customer, you do not get such a benefit.

                          If anyone would violate that responsibility and just give that intellectual property away, they chance having all support benefits being taken away from their entire organization.as well as becoming subject to a very expensive lawsuit for breach of contract.
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                            To be clear, we fully understand!

                            But this stable installation has been broken by a Java update also from Oracle. When I buy a car and for example the brakes will have potential problems due to a production error they will start a campaign to bring in and fix those cars, also when out of warranty.

                            Besides that we also have a pretty new SGD demo running for a potential customer, which is not working and we have to fix this one.

                            We would like to renew or buy a new maintenance contract when needed, but first we need to solve this problem ASAP.
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                              I completely agree with this. There's no way a customer (even if they don't have a current support contract) should have to suffer this - essentially an update that takes place client side breaks access to a server component that is stable and working fine up to this point. The JRE update is largely out of an SGD server admin's control in a lot of cases - users who are on the ball and update their JRE at every opportunity shouldn't have to suffer - they should be commended! It's even more daft when you consider this particular client security update is from the same company.

                              It is slightly ludicrous to be honest...at least we have a support contract, and have now got the new updated patch that fixes it all on our 4.62 install, but it should never have happened at all IMO...

                              The fact that JRE needs patching/updating so regularly due to security flaws is a constant bugbear for us trying to explain to users why SGD is appearing not to work since their browser at home has blocked an out of date plugin, never mind having to deal with something like this when a JRE security update effectively breaks one of Oracle's other products...
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                                Our customer also asks us on a regular basis if it isn't better to switch to an other web SSL solution, because of all the Java problems, errors, messages and security troubles on that part. For them the solution does not feel as a stable and secure one anymore due to all those messages and troubles... and now this problem!

                                We have to give them very frequent support on the Java part. That has really nothing to do with server side software. Java is really a big pitfall for the SGD solution!
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                                  We have a 4.70 installation and we are unable to login to the server unless we download and install the Windows client if running Java 7.21 (works okay with 7.17). Bad enough that we have to ask users to install Java at all now we have to tell them to use an older version for this to work the way it is supposed to!

                                  Not good!

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