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    Veritas Cluster 6 + Solaris 11 + Oracle RAC 11g2 = OCR trouble

      I trying new version of Veritas Cluster and Solaris.
      Experienced trouble with clustered VxFS for OCR file.
      Grid installer refuse VxFS with message - not support the storage type.
      After installation I tryed to add new OCR file on VxFS got message in crsd.log:
      +2013-01-14 11:05:38.898: [  OCROSD][26]utstoragetypecommon: Oracle Cluster Registry does not support the storage type configured. OCR can be configured on: ASM, NFS, Character Device, VxFS+
      +2013-01-14 11:05:38.898: [  OCROSD][26]utdvch:-1: New location /app/oracle/ocrvote2/2.ocr configured is not valid storage type. Return code [37].+
      +2013-01-14 11:05:38.898: [  OCRRAW][26]propriodvch: Error [8] returned device check for [app/oracle/ocrvote2/2.ocr]+
      +2013-01-14 11:05:38.898: [  OCRRAW][26]dev_replace: master could not verify the new disk (8)+

      File system mounted on both nodes with option mincache=direct.

      What can be the reason for this error?