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    Running DNS service for SCAN in the openfiler VM

      Grid version     :
      Guest OS     : Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3
      Host OS          : Windows 7 (64-bit ) with 16gb Physical RAM
      Hypervisor : Virtual Box 4.2.6
      Openfiler version : 2.99

      Using virtualBox, I am setting up a 2-node RAC node on Oracle Linux.
      I have a 3rd VM which runs openfiler ( NAS )

      For using SCAN feauture, I would like to run a DNS service as mentioned in the article below


      I don't want to run the DNS service in any of the two RAC nodes. Instead of creating a separate VM just for the DNS , I am thinking of running it in the Openfiler VM.

      Openfiler is running in a Linux Distro called rPath. I am not sure if the packages mentioned in the above oracle-base.com article is available in this distro. Has anyone run a similair DNS service in the Openfiler OS ?