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    Re: Is JMF the best choice for video capture ?

      I have queries given below :
      1)I want to know that, is it possible to implement web video chat(just like facebook, start video chat after installing some skype plugin)in java+jmf and server will be accessed via URL and different client can chat each other after installing some required plugin.
      2)Is there any protype so i can start my exploration. Please share some implementation of video chat in jmf.
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          I decided to pass my opinion on this thread in stead of your more recent related one.

          JMF is a dead, unsupported product. I would look for other solutions. A google for "Java jmf alternatives" is a good start. Note that doing a video chat is quite advanced material with many challenges to overcome and requires a big chunk of theoretical and practical knowledge on networking and audio/video compression if you want to be successful.