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    How to use user exit in CC&B

      Hi All,
      i want use user exit on Filed Activity page.I have created a ext_fieldActivityMainPage.jsp where i have wriiten my logic and i have put it under root/cm folder.
      But it is not working. Can anybody guide me how can i use this functionality ??

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          create ext_fieldActivityMainPage,jsp and place it in XXXX\splapp\applications\root\cm folder. Restart your server and then right click on field activity page --> View source. You should see all your custom code there. If you see your custom code it will work for sure. If you don't see your custom code then its not deployed properly

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            If you have a linux server, it can be placed in /XXXX/etc/conf/root/cm directory. If you have not deployed any custom user exits yet, you may have to create the directory structure from etc/conf/ onwards.

            Then stop the application server, run initialSetup.sh and restart server again.