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    Missing right parenthesis sql plus

      Hi, trying to create this table but *'Missing right parenthesis'* on the 16th line, which starts FOREIGN KEY comes up, I don't know where I'm going wrong. Help PLEASE!

      CREATE TABLE player_performance
      player_performance_id numeric(10)NOT NULL,
      player_id numeric(10) NOT NULL,
      match_id numeric(10) NOT NULL,
      two_points_attempts integer,
      two_points_made integer,
      three_points_attempts integer,
      three_points_made integer,
      free_throw_attempts integer,
      free_throws_made integer,
      minutes_played integer,
      fouls_made integer,
      rebounds integer,
      CONSTRAINT player_performance_PK PRIMARY KEY (player_performance_id)
      FOREIGN KEY (player_id) REFERENCES player (player_id);