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    how to query for foreign encoded text via REST service

      I am using APEX to publish RESTful web services that query a table of place names. The place names include foreign encoded alternates. My search field has type of NVARCHAR2 and the db has NLS_CHARACTERSET of AL32UTF8. Querying for foreign encoded names works fine from other applications (e.g. TOAD, ArcGIS).

      In APEX under 'SQL Workshop | RESTful Services' I have created a module, resource template, and resource handler. When I use 'Set Bind Variables' to test the service, it works for 'English' names with no problem (e.g. 'London').

      However, when I query for a foreign equivalents like 'ロンドン', the Japanese version of 'London', I get the following error:

      400 - Bad Request
      The request path contains illegal characters

      How do I get foreign encoded place names to work as the bind variable value of a REST service?