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    New SSL cert for weblogic server

      Our DBA was working on a new project management system and setup a PCM and P6 server with vendor help and then handed it off to me. I was told since the PCM server will be public facing it will need a SSL cert.
      No problem i thought, i went to creat the CER and then i realized the product was using a Oracle Weblogic Server. Total Oracle noob here. I've never used anything Oracle so i'm looking for help please.

      It looks we use Web Logic Server verson We have a domain farm_xxxx_domain , I can logon to Oracle EM 11g Fusion Middleware Control and Weblogic Administrator Console sites.

      I think i need to create a "key store" all i see is a default one listed with default certs, trust etc. I've read through some Oracle docuemnts but i have to admit i'm a little overwhelmed atm.

      If anyone could please lay it out in simple terms or steer me in the right direction that would great. Thanks in advance.

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          Patrick Taylor

          These links should give you some direction:


          Hope this helps.


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