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    Editing calendar colors

      I am trying to change the color of the background of data items on my calendar. Right now I have changed it to orange using the 'Data Background Color' in the Calendar Attributes section of my calendar.
      This makes all of them orange, but is there a way to make each one have its own color or better yet, have a color associated with a particular value so all entries that show up named 'dahlgren' are blue and all 'dalzell' are red for example.

      Also as another question, is it possible to edit the format of the time that shows up? Right now it is like HH.MI.SS.XXXXXX, can I have it just be HH dropping the rest?

      Here is a pic of what I have so far:

      Thanks for the help!
      B King
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          Enclose your data with some span tag and give it some class based on your data. Then you can apply whatever style you want using CSS.

          For e.g. if calendar query is as
          SELECT '<span class="cls-'||dept||'">'||first_name||' '||last_name||'</span>' Name, doj hiredate from employee
          and if I have two departments A and B, then I will write some CSS for classes cls-A and cls-B to get required back-ground colors. Hope it helps.

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            Hari, thanks for your help. At first I went with what you did too but then I found a better way. I ended up using <span> tags in a custom column format to get the same effect.

            B King