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    Unable to Trigger ADF security from ADF Task Form in BPEL


      I have created a Custom ADF task form (an alternate for AXF form) for Account Distribution Human Task ( Using Wizard approach). i have deployed my ADF project on soa_server and i am able to see the from worklist.

      I have a requirement of applying security at component level so as to hide/show/edit entries on the form based on the assigned user. Below configurations were done in jazn-data.xml:
      - I had configured ADF security and created role : IC and DM as application role and ICApp and DMApp as enterprise roles and did the required mapping of both.
      - I created user ICuser and DMUser in both the roles.

      On triggering webService I assigned the user one of the aforementioned ones(ICUser/DMUser). After logging into Worklist i can see the task assigned to the user but on viewing the form security is not getting triggered. User is still getting assigned the default group( test-all) and on form user is 'anonymous'.

      My InputLOV component should be editable to only IC user and for rest ReadOnly.
      I had used below EL on an <af:inputListOfValues> in ReadOnly attribute:
      readOnly="#{securityContext.userInRole['DM'] or securityContext.userInRole ['FA'] or securityContext.userInRole ['EC']}"

      even after logging through DMUser i am getting value of "securityContext.userInRole['DM']" as false.

      Kindly Suggest.


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